How Lawyers Can Win More Clients on LinkedIn

Create and share content

One of the best ways you can grow your business on LinkedIn is by showcasing your expertise, industry knowledge and thought leadership through shared content.

It means something when others give you their time and attention. This is ultimately what you want your prospected clients to be doing.

Plus, content is one of the most valuable resources in today’s online world, and it’s free to start.

Organically garnering the interest and attention of your ideal clients, requires an exchange of some sort of value – and content is a way to do this.

Try this strategy: Create and share valuable free content that helps a portion of your target audience, solve their problems and progress their business or career. This is a promising way of differentiating yourself from your competition.

Find prospects

Once you have a cadence of content sharing on LinkedIn, the next step is to find the clients that you want to target.

To generate quality leads on LinkedIn, you’ll need to have a good idea of what that ideal client looks like.

A place to start is by considering what kinds of professions or job titles your clients have.

For example, your target client may be a CEO, CTO, Marketing Officer or Business Developer.

Next, search LinkedIn for users with these titles. Two ways of doing this are through LinkedIn Advanced Search and LinkedIn Groups.

You can also take these searches beyond LinkedIn and into other social networks, for example Twitter.

Begin to build a relationship

Once a potential client has accepted your LinkedIn invitation to connect, follow up with them almost immediately.

Establish a relationship by sending a simple and short thank you message.

This is very different to pitching or promoting yourself and your business. To avoid coming off as ‘salesy’, limit your self-promotion to your personal URL and title in your signature.

To strike up an engaging conversation, find a commonality with your new connection – just like you may do at a networking event.

Your goal here is to get to know them and leave a good and memorable first impression.

Once you have laid the groundwork, the real client relationship building begins.

A good idea to avoid forgetting anything, is to set up regular reminders to reach out to your connections. This can be done at a set cadence – for example every fortnight, every month, every three months or another timeframe.

By sending messages of value and communicating frequently you can nurture your relationship. Reminder – don’t ask for anything or try to sell to them, you want to build authenticity and trust, which requires time, effort and value exchange.

These exchanges of value can present themselves in many ways, but the goal is to let the relationship grow organically and offer up value – because it will be returned.

Try offering your connections something that is relevant to their own business or career goals. This conveys that you understand their pain points and challenges.

The kind of value content you can share include:
– Videos
– Podcasts
– Articles
– Comparisons
– Whitepapers
– Ebooks
– Blogs

You can use LinkedIn’s Relationship tab to keep your contacts organised.


Stay consistent

People do business with people that they trust. Just as it does in the face-to-face arena, it takes time to build a relationship with folk online.

In this article, you’ve been given a few ways you can use LinkedIn to grow your network and your business.

There are many other tools too, like interacting with your prospects in LinkedIn Groups or taking the relationship offline.

By consistently growing your network, and by consistently strengthening those relationships, your business will reliably grow.

Last note

LinkedIn is a social network you can leverage to grow your client-base. Other platforms such as NEXL offer not only access to global legal networks and potential referral partners, but also equips you with the tools you need to manage them.

Interested in learning more about using NEXL as your LinkedIn alternative to winning more clients? Visit here or get in touch at [email protected].

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