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This week we’re spotlighting Business Development:

It’s a question I’m sure a lot of us can reflect on: Does your business development strategy focus on the right things?  And for many, random acts of coffee and lunch are the only BD activity undertaken, and in a pandemic environment, this has been severely disrupted.

To help give you focus and clarity on your business development efforts, we’ve wrapped up the latest content, courses and resources we have on offer:

Round Up: Business Development Content

Law firms must reset the relationship between their lawyers and business development professionals if they are to make full use of the BD talent they have in their ranks. Read

How are law firms are winning new work in a changed world: Find out what the proactive, successful firms have been doing to generate new instructions and stay ahead of the competition. Read

Is the only thing new on this year’s BD plan, the date? In fact, if you line up your last decade’s worth of BD or partner plans, apart from the date at the top, or the change in logo, do you struggle to see any tangible differences? Read

Masterclass Spotlight

In the Masterclass bundle from Novum Learning, you will learn how to:

  1. Maximize your reach of ideal clients by mastering 4 simple and cost-effective communication routes
  2. Quickly identify the source of client concerns, so you have a clear idea of how to aid them
  3. Enhance the respect your client has for you by adding value to their journey in five different, simple ways
  4. Price yourself higher with confidence by demonstrating your value in a measurable and meaningful way
  5. Ensure client satisfaction with your price and trust in the value you will provide in return by turning them into educated clients

Plus, as a NEXL member you get 25% off using the code NEXL
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Want to know what lawyers are doing to grow their firm post-Covid? Our 2021 Legal Business Development report is now live.

Read all the juicy intel from lawyers and the experts here >

NEXL Grow Free Training

Free Training: Attract your perfect legal client on LinkedIn without posting content!

Who is it for?  Lawyers looking for a simple system for attracting high-value clients in a digital-first economy
How long? 30 mins
How much? Free  Get the training here 

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