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Welcome to the weekly newsletter from the Business of Law Hub. This week we’re spotlighting Legal Design and featuring our Expert in Resident Tessa Manuello – a leading expert in applying legal design and thinking to enhance the overall experience for legal clients.


So what exactly is legal design? Margaret Hagan, in her book “Law by Design” defines it as “the application of human-centered design to the world of law, to make legal systems and services more human-centered, usable, and satisfying”.

Learn all about the advantages of legal design and how it will benefit your legal practice below:


Watch Now: Legal Design Fireside Chat

What is legal design and how does it fit into the legal system to make it more
and client-centric?

In this exclusive Fireside Chat, our Head of Growth Ben Chiriboga sits down with
Tessa Manuello, the Founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, and Denis Potemkin, Head of Innovations at Lex Solutions, and Founder of contract automation tool Mojoto to talk about:

  • Understanding legal thinking as innovative methodology that allows lawyers to
    be more creative and empathise with clients.
  • Improving the quality of the experience to enhance customer satisfaction and
    improve client retention.
  • How to apply design thinking strategies to your legal practice and optimise
    legal processes such as contracts, work flows and relationship management.


Roundup: Legal Design Content

What is Legal Design? Read
What is the ROI of Legal Design? Read
What Are The Outcomes Of A Legal Design Sprint? Read


Spotlight: Legal Creatives Academy 


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Most Legal Design workshops will energize you but will leave you wondering how to implement what you’ve learned. Implementation is key to drive tangible outcomes. It is not something you can acquire in one single workshop. In the Legal Creatives Academy you will get world-class training from Tessa.


In this academy from Legal Creatives you will learn get:


  • Received world-class training in the USA and in Canada in Creative thinking, Innovation and Disruption.
  • Got certified as a High Performance Coach to help professionals achieve the highest levels of performance.
  • Currently leading the largest movement in Legal Design and Innovation at a global level, already reaching 10,000+ legal professionals worldwide.
  • Today, it’s your turn to unleash ignite and impact. Why not? Get started with a Free Strategic Coaching Call to decide if Elite Coaching is for you.

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Get Certified as a Legal Design Expert practitioner

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Want to try something different and gain a competitive edge? Becoming a Certified
Expert ensures you’ll deliver top Legal Design advice and service that gets outstanding results for your clients.

Whether you want to become a legal design consultant, enhance value to your existing business, or add personal value within a large organisation, the Legal Creatives Certification Program will get you where you want to go.

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