Legal Tech in 2021

This week, we are diving into legal technology and discussing how to leverage your law firm by using new software and systems.

Welcome to another insightful week at NEXL Business of Law Hub. This week, we are discussing one of the most disruptive areas for today’s lawyers – Legal Technology and featuring Colin Levy, Director of Marketing and Business Development at WordRake.

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🙌  BOL Community Lawyer of the Week

BoL Member of the Week

This week’s Business of Law NEXL Community Lawyer is… Nitin Jain

Nitin Jain is the Managing Partner at Agama Law Associates; a boutique commercial law practice offering end-to-end corporate and commercial legal solutions to Indian and foreign businesses. Nitin possesses over a decade of rich experience as an in-house lawyer as well as a practicing professional.

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👀 Watch Now: Legal Technology Fireside Chat

Legal Technology

In this exclusive Fireside Chat, our Head of Growth, Ben Chiriboga sat down with Director of Marketing and Business Development at WordRakeColin Levy to discuss all things legal technology.

Ben and Colin had a great time discussing –

– The relationship between legal technology and business of law
– The difference between legal technology and other software technologies
– Examples of successful legal tech implementation within law firms
– The leading reason that lawyers should care about technology
– Methods for achieving greater adoption of technology
– Ways for lawyers to face/overcome their fears of tech?

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📊 Business of Law Insights

BoL Member of the Week (6)

The gap is widening between law firms.

On one side, you have firms hoping for the “old times” to return: 1-on-1 client meetings, events, rankings submission. On the other side, you have the firms building for the “new world”: remote relationships, creating audiences, proactively reaching out to clients.

We’ve entered a new level competition. It’s now a race of old vs new.

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