NEXL BoL Professionals of 2021

This year, we featured over 25 different leading Business of Law professionals within Nexl Business of Law Hub.

Each possessing diverse expertise on Biz Development, Legal Tech, Legal Marketing and Legal Innovation, they participated in Nexl Fireside Chats, BD Workshops and ‘Ask the BoL Expert’ series, in addition to much more.


David Freeman | David Freeman Consulting Group

Eduardo Paiz | Bolder Legal Consulting Group

Noa Mayer | Noa Mayer Consulting & Business Development

Lindsay Griffiths | International Lawyers Network

Ben Paul | The BD Ladder

Alistair Marshall | Professional Services BD

Shari Belitz | Shari Belitz Communications

William McLaughlin | ZICO Law


Aaron Baer | Renno & Co.

Maya Markovich | Chief Growth Officer

Jeremy Small | Jameson Legal, Jameson Legal Tech

Jon Bartman | Jameson Legal

Colin Levy | WordRake

Charles Uniman | Legal Tech Startup Focus


Norman Clark | Walker Clark LLC

Jay Harrington | Harrington

Barbara Koenen | Al Tamimi & Company

Aman Abbas | CommWiser, Lawwiser


Scott Leigh | AltFee

Andrew Bowyer | ADB Insights

Chris Vaagt | Law Firm Change Consultants

Lucy Bassli | InnoLaw Group, PLLC

Nita Sanger | Idea Innovate Consulting

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