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Legal Marketing 101: Clients don’t really care about what you do, how you do it, or how impressive your credentials are.

What they care about is themselves—their needs, desires, challenges, and how your services can address them.

Keep the lens focused on them, not yourself.

This principle applies in countless situations:

  • Ask lots of thoughtful questions that get prospective clients talking about themselves. They’re way more interested in their desires and problems than anything else.
  • Make it crystal clear what outcome you deliver (and for whom you deliver it) in your LinkedIn headline. Mine says “I help lawyers become thought leaders and build profitable legal practices.” Aim for that level of specificity when describing the benefits of your services.
  • Many lawyer website bios are 80 percent about the lawyer (practices, prior experience, education and credentials) and 20 percent about the clients they serve. This ratio should be flipped.
  • Create content that teaches, inspires and motivates—in other words, content that’s helpful to clients. That’s what builds trust. And trust is the essential building block of new business.

It takes discipline, focus and an abundance mindset to keep your marketing focused on your clients and not yourself.

The payoff is well worth the effort.

When you give you’ll be amazed at how much you get in return.

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