Keep Your Marketing Simple to Connect with Your Audience

Warren Buffet’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders has been, for decades, a must-read resource for sophisticated investors.

But that’s not the audience he’s writing for.

When he sits down to write, he has his sisters Doris and Bettie in mind. In fact, he begins his draft “Dear Doris and Bettie,” and then removes that salutation when he is finished.

Buffet’s intent is to write a letter that is accessible to everyone, not one that impresses (and can only be understood by) those who revel in jargon and complexity.

The underlying advice and insights make it clear that Buffet is an expert. But he doesn’t try to write like one. And that’s what makes him such an effective communicator.

We can all learn (and benefit) from Buffet’s approach, and write better LinkedIn content in the process.

1. Write in the first person.
2. Drop the stiff formality, jargon and legalese.
3. Choose small words instead of big ones.
4. Most of all, understand our audience.

The goal is to create connection and engagement, not to impress. Having that mindset will set you up for success.

After all, expressing big ideas through simple, easy to understand language is the most impressive form of writing. And clear, concise writing makes for effective marketing.



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