LegalTech: Barriers to Adoption

It is not uncommon to find many legal service companies exploiting the full potential of technology. Legal Tech has fundamentally changed the way law firms and in house counsels do business. These advancements have certainly been promising and COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for the adoption of LegalTech. However, there are still significant barriers that the industry faces. 

In this week’s blog post we will discuss:

Main Legaltech Barriers to adoption 

Mismatched expectation from reality

Many times a product’s true potential will only be revealed during the trial phase and the LegalTech industry is no stranger to this. Take Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an example. It has become quite a hot buzzword in recent times and many tech solution providers have used AI in order to upsell the potential of their wares. A survey conducted by the American Bar Association in 2020 found that nearly 35% of respondents cited accuracy of AI as a barrier to adoption. Whereas only 7% of respondents implemented AI tech tools in their business. Many experience fear of investing time and money in the wrong technology. One of the biggest challenges to the adoption of advanced decision-making technology is the black box challenge, not knowing how a piece of software such as AI arrives at the outcome.

If you are unsure about technology, many firms offer demosfree trials or pilot options. This enables you to assess how the technology works, if it fits your existing working culture and how impactful it can be for you and your colleagues. At Avvoka, we also offer free document automation academies which give you the chance to freely try the technology and even offer feedback on it with the Avvoka lab.



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