Bitesize: Visibility in a Crowded Marketplace

“Lawyers have a funny relationship with personal branding.

Like, most recognise it’s really, increasingly important.

But on the other hand, no-one wants to:

– shout into the void
– overdose our network
– come across as self promoting

How do you become visible in the crowded legal marketplace without harming your reputation?

One solution is to focus on the people you want to help.

That includes
– the big problems they face
– the fears holding them back
– the change you want to see in the world

Maybe you’re on a mission to help amazing Aussie startups overcome the hurdles to sharing their wonderful products with overseas markets.

Maybe you’re changing the way e-commerce businesses monetize their brand by protecting their IP.

Whatever it is, your legal expertise is extremely valuable to a significant group of people.

Your job is to tell the right story so you can help more people.”

By Sam Burrett


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