7 ideas you can initiate immediately to bring in new work

Many of you probably put together an aspirational list of hopes, dreams and targets for your professional services practice whilst enjoying a glass of something nice over Christmas and the New Year.

But we all know that most resolutions are forgotten by the third week of January, so I am here today as your conscience, to make sure you deliver on your New Year’s resolution for your firm and get 2023 off to a flying start. 

Here are my top seven ideas that you can initiate immediately to bring in work:

1.     Pick up the phone to five clients you have not heard from recently, and ask them how they are going. Maybe send them an article you have written, or some relevant research that would be useful to them.

2.     Go and visit your top five clients from 2022, and see what else they may need assistance with. Can they refer you to other individuals within their contact sphere?

3.     Reach out to five prospective clients from your pursuit list, who match your ideal client profile. If you don’t have the names of specific organizations and individuals, then you will really struggle to make much progress.

4.     Buy lunch or dinner for your best five referrers of work. Good things happen when you get out from behind your desk and go and talk to people.

5.     Get yourself a speaking gig at an event that will be attended by potential clients. It is a great way to be seen as the expert in your field.

6.     Write a thought leadership piece and send it to your database – make sure it’s on a topic of significant interest and value to them and their networks.

7.     Attend or better host a networking event involving as many of your business contacts as possible.



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