11 Powerful Daily Rainmaker Habits

Being a rainmaker in the new normal probably seems like an almost impossible task. Not only has it become harder to win new work, it is also tougher to have meaningful interactions with your existing clients. For lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, and many others this is a very scary place to be. After all, your clients make up the bulk of your fee base, and as your client contact and work dries up, the worse this gets. However, now is the perfect time to pause, re-assess what you do, and start to re-invigorate how you approach your BD activities. Doing this will help you become a rainmaker in the new normal.

Over the years I’ve worked with several rainmakers in many professional services firms and B2B organisations. Many of these are naturally good at winning work, and maintain great client relationships for themselves and their firms. I also worked in business development in London, and then in Auckland, during the GFC, and based on these experiences I have shared 11 daily habits for you to adopt to become a rainmaker in the new normal.

What’s required to be Rainmaker in the new normal

In short, you’ll need to have a clear BD and marketing plan that you follow on a daily basis. You’ll need to be more patient, and be far more empathetic in your conversations, and more willing to share information and connections. By helping your clients through their immediate problems and these tough times, you’ll not only become a rainmaker in the new normal, but you’ll also become their trusted advisor.



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