Top tips for attorneys wanting to up their online networking efforts

The world is changing, and the nature of work is evolving with it.

With limitations placed on our movement around the world, we have discovered that for the most part, many of our work tasks can be fulfilled equally if not more effectively online than they can in-person.

In this 2-article series, we will cover seven ways you can boost your legal networking efforts in a post-pandemic world. 

Online communities

We will live our lives circling through various communities – work, family, friends – and our professional life is no different. There are many communities online, thriving since the birth of the internet.

Online communities have evolved over time, but the function and purpose have remained the same – to connect and share.

Today, there are probably hundreds of thousands of communities online, if not more, and these are becoming increasingly searchable and accessible by anyone who searches the web.  

Online communities can be in the form of a forum, Facebook or LinkedIn group, Reddit, dedicated (paid or otherwise) legal group, Podcast, Hackathon, Industry-related hubs and more.

One of the greatest benefits you can gain from online communities is building connections. Get involved and become part of a community that reflects your own interests, values or area of expertise.

Be vocal 

Be confident and express your opinion. Just as there are those out there whose writing you gain value from, so too are those out there that gain value from the words that you put out. Let your voice ring true!

Online, you can comment on articles, start discussions, write your own articles or blogs. You can record audio or video content and share it via podcasts and youtube videos. Send individualised messages to people, create newsletters and share memes. There are so many ways to express yourself and your thoughts online.  

By being vocal in online groups allows others to connect with you as well as start discussions on interesting topics or current events. If you are adding value to others, they will let you know. Each word that you put out there is an open door through which you invite others into your world and professional circles. 

Recommend others (or set up a partnership) 

Think about what products and services you can recommend to others. By supporting and collaborating with other businesses, you could grow your network and brand at double the rate. Law firms have done this in a traditional sense by receiving referrals, and reciprocating. This is an effective and minimal effort way of entering into joint ventures.  

A way this can be done online is with blog posts or newsletters, podcasts or in Twitter feeds, and in LinkedIn articles. This isn’t to promote your services, but an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise or address an audience’s pain point with an article or interview.

In this article, we have covered three ways that a lawyer can network online. This is a core skill that will, over time, benefit business growth.

Join us for part 2 of this series, where we continue to explore how to network online during the post-covid world.

 To get involved in a community of like-minded lawyers, dive into NEXL’s lawyer-to-lawyer community here.  

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